I am a photographer, writer, all around naturalist and lover of nature. As a young child growing up in rural Upstate New York, I quickly turned to the seemingly endless expanse of forest surrounding my house to explore and fulfill my urge to be outdoors. Walking through thick old growth hemlock forests with the strong scent of pine permeating the air, I began to form a strong sense of appreciation and amazement for all things natural. This appreciation has stayed and grown with me my entire life.
Nature photographer Chris Kayler photographing a stormy sunset in the San Juan mountains of Colorado. (Click to enter the Photographer in Action Gallery)

Wanting to share the beauty of nature with others, I dove into photography and have not looked back since. As a medium, photography allows me to create art in my own way by depicting nature as I see it through the use of different lenses, shutter speeds, apertures, and composition. I strive to keep my final image as close to what I saw and felt in person as possible, and as such, with the exception of cropping, minor color work, and minor contrast work I generally avoid altering my photographs with a heavy hand. I have been published in many major magazines such as Birder's World, Delaware Beach Life Magazine, and Nature's Best Student Edition. I also sell prints and rights for other editorial usage quite frequently. Now living in northern Virginia, I get out to photograph, kayak, mountain bike, backpack, or just take a hike as frequently as I can. Thank you for visiting my website; I hope you enjoy my work.


- Chris Kayler

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