Hexagon Pendant Necklaces

Hexagon Pendant Necklaces

hexagon pendant

Having a hexagon pendant necklace can be a really nice way to add a touch of modernity to your outfit. There are several different shapes of this type of pendant and you should definitely be able to find one that suits your taste.


Authentic Shungite pendants are hand-crafted from one of the most unique natural stones on earth. Each piece of shungite is unique, and the shape, texture, and color will vary.

Shungite is an amazing healing stone that can be used to treat a wide variety of ills. It can help to ease pain, balance blood pressure, fight geopathogenic phenomena, and more. It can also heal wounds and promote hair growth. It is a calming, grounding crystal that will bring your aura into balance.

Shungite is composed of dozens of carbon atoms, which are arranged in hollow carbon cages called fullerenes. These fullerenes are now used in many everyday applications, such as computers, cell phones, and airplanes. They are also powerful antioxidants and fight free radicals.

Shungite is a lustrous black stone that has a high content of carbon. Its unique spheroidal carbon molecules absorb man-made EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and can neutralize them. This makes Shungite great to keep nearby electrical equipment.


Whether you are a collector or simply want to impress your friends, the CHROMA PAVE hexagon pendant may be the perfect gift for the jewelry connoisseur in your life. The necklace boasts 0.76cts of pave set diamonds in a streamlined setting. It is the sexiest jewelry item you will ever come across. It is the epitome of luxury, as it is only available in a limited quantity and should be worn only on special occasions. The CHROMA PAVE hexagon pendant is the smartest choice for any woman looking to spice up her wardrobe. The best part is that it will cost you just a smidge over $100.

Hollis + Morris

Featuring a hexagonal frame and LED lights, the Hexagon LED pendant light by Hollis + Morris is an elegant take on the classic honeycomb shape. Available in three different sizes, the hexagonal shape adds a touch of modernity to any room. Its integrated light source and thin suspension wires add to its sleek style. The milky white finish creates a soft and ambient glow that doesn’t overpower the space.

As a Canadian design company, hollis+morris has a unique and distinct aesthetic. The brand specializes in lighting and furniture, but also works on a wide variety of home goods. This includes dining chairs, candleholders, vases, trays, and more. Each piece is created using a combination of solid wood and metals, which give the furnishings a timeless appeal. They are designed to complement both residential and commercial spaces.

As a designer, Mischa Couvrette launched hollis+morris in 2014. She studied environmental science at Dalhousie University, then sailed to Guatemala where she worked on a sailboat. After returning to Halifax, she opened a design studio.