History of Furniture

History of Furniture


Furniture is a household item that provides comfort and warmth in the home. It is usually used to store items and equipment. In addition, it may also be decorated with various ornaments. The word “furniture” comes from the French phrase fourniture. This term essentially means “equipment.”

While the term furniture is not widely used today, it was once a more popular and a more formal term. Earlier in history, it was simply a name for the objects used in a household. During the Middle Ages, the term referred to movable furniture. These items included tables, chairs, chests, wardrobes, and trunks. During this period, the main material used for furniture was wood.

The first surviving pieces of furniture are found at Skara Brae, Scotland. They include a carved wooden seat, a table, and a bed. Early furniture is made of wood, animal bones, and stone. However, during the Middle Ages, most furniture was carved and ornamented. Decorative stonework in ecclesiastical architecture inspired this style.

During the 17th century, a style called Baroque came to dominate European furniture designs. A major feature of this style was the use of scrolling ornament. Often, these pieces were also decorated with vegetal ornament.

During the 18th century, furniture designs began to become more elaborate. Some of these new designs were very artistic. There were also new manufacturing techniques used for these furniture items. For example, high-quality English mahogany furniture was veneered with mahogany on mahogany.

Over the past 200 years, the production of furniture has become cheaper and faster. Nowadays, many furniture factories use semi-manufactured wood such as plywood for their items. Various plastic materials have also been used extensively during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

When designing your own furniture, be sure to consider how you are going to store your art supplies and other important materials. Using space efficiently will help you maximize your creativity.

Depending on your budget, you can choose from a wide range of materials and styles to make your furniture. Wood is the most common furniture material, but metals have also been used. Iron has also been used to make chairs. Since World War II, designers have also explored the possibility of using new synthetic materials for the furniture they create.

If you want to create a modern look, opt for sleek pieces. But if you are interested in creating a more rustic farmhouse look, you can add distressed wood to your furnishings.

There are several types of furniture and each serves a different purpose. Among the most important are beds, desks, chairs, and dressers. All of these pieces have a variety of functions and can be embellished in various ways.

Before you begin your design, be sure to research the standard sizes and dimensions for furniture. You should then find a contemporary furniture designer to work with. Your team should consist of two or three people and you should share your ideas with each other. Once you’ve come up with your ideas, you should write two page reports on key pieces of furniture from each of the periods you’re studying.