What Is a Standing Lamp?

What Is a Standing Lamp?

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A standing lamp is a tall fixture that sits on the floor to provide light higher in a space than traditional overhead lighting. This type of home lighting can have a large impact on the mood of a room and can help draw attention to wall art, furniture or other home decor accents. These lamps are available in several styles, so you can choose one that matches the ambiance and style of your home.

One common type of a floor lamp is the traditional shaded version, which has a lampshade that is either drum or barrel-shaped and is narrower at the top than at the bottom. The shade will typically emit upward and downward light, but it can also radiate out to the sides. These are a great option for a living room, reading area or bedroom.

Another common type of a floor lamp is the torchiere, which is similar to a traditional shaded lamp but has a unique structure. The lamp head is positioned on the floor and the shade is held up by an arm that can be extended out or retracted to direct the light up or down, depending on your preference. These are often more of a decorative home lighting choice than a functional option but can still add dimension to a space and highlight your favorite artwork or a piece of architecture in the room.

A third type of a floor lamp is a candelabra style that resembles an electric version of the classic candelabra candlestick. These are often very decorative and may have multiple arms that can be positioned to point in a direction or spread apart like crazy octopus arms. Some of these types of a floor lamp can be very playful and colorful and can be a great addition to a casual living room or family room.

Other floor lamp styles include a simple pole lamp, which has no shade or post and is very minimalistic in appearance. These are often made of brushed brass or gunmetal gray and blend into contemporary, industrial or rustic decor styles well. These can be a good choice for a hallway or stairway where you want to add more light without taking up too much space.

You can also find modern standing lamps that are sculptural and designed to blend into a corner of the room. These usually feature metal bases and a base that is curved or angled for added dimension to the space. Some even have shelves installed for additional storage. No matter what your home decor style is, there is a modern standing lamp to fit it perfectly. The key is to consider what kind of light you need, the style of decoration you want and how tall you need the lamp to be. Then, you can select a style that will meet your needs and complement the other short, smaller table or desk lamps in the space.