How to Hang a Chandelier in Your Kitchen

How to Hang a Chandelier in Your Kitchen

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Whether you’re going for a rustic wood finish or a glossy white kitchen, the right chandelier can elevate a functional room with a splash of glamour. A kitchen chandelier can accent or contrast your dining table with an elegant shape, bold style or dramatic color, and its size also influences how large or small a space feels.

Chandeliers are the perfect addition to open-plan spaces, where they can serve as focal points over a dining area or kitchen island. They’re generally grander and more decorative than kitchen pendant lights, so they work well with a variety of styles including country, contemporary and traditional.

When hanging a chandelier in your kitchen, decide first if it will be used as a style element or as a functional lighting source. If it’s the former, keep in mind that trends come and go faster than last year’s new TikTok fad, so opt for timeless designs that will still look beautiful in years to come. If it’s the latter, you can experiment with more modern chandelier styles to suit your tastes, such as the sleek glass spheres of this design by Martin Moore (opens in new tab).

Kitchen table chandeliers make a statement over a dining table, but they can also add a little bit of drama to other areas of a kitchen. Mount one above a breakfast bar or sink to brighten your workspace while adding visual interest, or hang multiple mini-chandeliers in pairs over a long kitchen table for added depth and interest.

The sizing of a chandelier for a kitchen depends on the height of your ceiling and the width of your dining table. Typically, it works best to keep the bottom of the fixture 12 inches less in width and length than the tabletop for proper proportions. For an 8-foot ceiling, this means a 30 inch chandelier would be ideal. If you have higher ceilings, stay within this range to prevent people from bumping their heads while seated or getting up and down from the table.

Another way to create the look of a chandelier in your kitchen is to complement a cooker hood with a design that resembles a candelabra. This idea combines functionality with style and also helps to filter out steam and odors while creating a striking visual impact.

When paired with simple Shaker-style cabinetry, an OTT light fixture may look out of place. Instead, introduce a chandelier with clean lines and minimal details to match the design of the rest of your space. A glistening crystal fixture like this example from Shades of Light fits the bill perfectly and keeps the rest of the kitchen feeling bright and clean.