Modern Style Utensils For Your Kitchen

Modern Style Utensils For Your Kitchen

Whether you’re an experienced cook or simply a beginner, these utensils make it easier to create food and drinks. They’re also great for gifting to anyone who loves to eat or entertain.

In modern times, flatware has become less about serving guests and more about making the eating experience a pleasure. The best utensils for your table are comfortable to hold, easy to use and fit well with the overall look of your kitchen. Stylish, modern styles are available in a variety of materials and price ranges.

For example, a modern style stainless steel flatware set has elegantly long handles that curve slightly toward the head of each piece to make them extra comfortable to hold. The pieces are also lightweight, sturdy and perfectly balanced. Mepra backs this high-quality set with a limited lifetime warranty.

The invention of stainless steel revolutionised the manufacture of all tools, including table cutlery. The new material was easy to clean, non reactive and would not tarnish like silver. This made the manufacture of cutlery more affordable and accessible to all. This led to a proliferation of specialist eating utensils like cheese knoves, tomato spoons and fish knives.

A splatter guard is a metal mesh that fits over the bottom of a cooking pan to prevent hot oil from spattering as it is seared, fried, simmered or sauteed. It’s an essential item for home cooks as it helps them avoid burns and messes and makes cleaning the pan after cooking a breeze.

Another kitchen tool that’s both functional and attractive is the utensil tray, which is often used to organize all of your utensils in one place. This is a great idea in small kitchens because it allows you to save space on your countertop and frees up drawers for other items. You can also mount a wall utensils rack to a kitchen wall for the same purpose.

Lastly, a knife sharpener looks like a metal rod with a handle. When you run a knife against the surface of the sharpener, it’s a cutting, friction process that gradually re-sharpens your blade.

While you may not think much about the spoons and forks you reach for at dinnertime, shopping for a set of flatware can be a bit more complicated than just picking out a nice design. There are things to consider such as weight, the quality of the stainless steel and even if the shape is ergonomically designed. For instance, a fork with tines that are narrower than those on a standard fork is more effective at spearing salad greens while holding the food in place to cut with the included serrated knives. Similarly, a curved spoon head makes it easier to scoop soup and desserts. You’ll also want to take into consideration the size of your family and how many pieces you need. For example, a 45-piece set by Oneida Voss includes enough settings for eight and five serving utensils. It also comes in a 20-piece set for smaller households.