A Floor Lamp Or Table Lamp Can Brighten Your Room in a Way That a Ceiling Fixture Cannot

A Floor Lamp Or Table Lamp Can Brighten Your Room in a Way That a Ceiling Fixture Cannot

A floor lamp Westovo or table lamp can brighten your room in a way that you just cannot accomplish with a ceiling fixture. They tend to be taller in stature which gives them a more elegant look and can be positioned either behind or next to a chair or sofa. The shape of the lamp’s shade may also influence how you position it – for example, a torchiere floor lamp shines most of its light downward and is best positioned away from seating areas or in corners of the room. On the other hand, a tiffany floor lamp has a small top which emits a soft glow that illuminates the glass and produces a beautiful design which can be placed close to a sofa or chair for an intimate lighting experience.

You can find a wide variety of styles, shapes and finishes in both floor lamps and table lamps. Many of these designs will feature a modern touch whether with a contemporary style lamp base or by choosing a sleek drum lamp shade to complement the contemporary lamp base. Other styles are more traditional with a torchiere lamp or even a floor reading lamp.

The lamp shade shape on a floor lamp will usually be a bit wider in the top to maintain appropriate proportions with the lamp base and will not have as much of a slope towards the sides as a table lamp. This is because they are positioned much higher in the room and need to be able to produce ample light downwards and somewhat to the sides. However, the rounded top does provide a more elegant and smooth appearance which looks very nice.

Table lamps with a more narrow bottom sloping down to the side can still look very attractive and you will find these in both modern and traditional styles. You will find a lot of different types of glass in table lamp shades with blown glass being very popular. This will often be transparent but can be tinted or patterned and can also include deliberate distortions, bubbles, or distortions in the glass for added effect.

There is a growing trend for LED bulbs in table lamps which can be used in place of standard light bulbs and often have built-in dimmer controls on the bases or a switch on the shade. This helps to reduce the amount of heat produced by a lamp and also saves on electricity costs.

Wood floor lamps can be a nice compliment to a traditional style room and they often match up well with other wood elements such as furniture pieces. You can also find wooden table lamps that lean toward a modern look as well as ones that feature a mix of wood and other materials such as metal. Crystal table and floor lamps are another classic choice for those that enjoy an elegant and traditional look to their room. These typically have a base made from cut crystal which refracts the light and produces an attractive shimmer and shine.