Room Essentials Target – A Great Way to Stock Up on Dorm Room Essentials

Room Essentials Target – A Great Way to Stock Up on Dorm Room Essentials

room essentials target

Whether your student is heading off to their first dorm room or an exciting new apartment, it’s likely their room will need a lot of supplies. From Twin XL bedding and communal bathroom-friendly shower gear to portable laundry hampers, the list of must-haves can feel long and daunting. But with Target’s affordable Room Essentials brand, you can stock up on a few must-have items without spending a fortune.

The budget-friendly line of home essentials has items starting at just 50 cents and spans most categories young people will need to have on hand. For example, a set of six bath towels that are super soft and absorbent cost just $3 (that’s $0.50 a towel) and will be a perfect complement to any college dorm. The same goes for a basic futon that will add a cozy touch to their dorm and flattens out into a queen-sized bed in just seconds, as well as a wood bookshelf to display favorite mementos and reads in style.

A few other must-haves include this cozy Sherpa swivel chair ($25) that’s both stylish and comfy, as well as this 5-piece drawer set ($17) to store makeup, school supplies and other miscellaneous items. Students will also need a few storage solutions to keep the clutter at bay, like this sturdy metal bookcase that can be wall mounted or a more decorative ladder bookshelf. And because college kids tend to generate a lot of trash, they’ll need a durable 7-gallon trash can with a step-on pedal and lid.

Other items that will make a college dorm feel like home include this cozy printed throw pillow (currently 50% off), which is great for dressing up any dorm chair or bed. Another way that college kids express their personalities is with their decor, and this woven straw basket is a cute and inexpensive way to add some style to any corner. Plus, a few scented candles will help to keep the dorm smell fresh and inviting.

And lastly, no dorm is complete without a few organizational pieces, like this woven hamper with a removable insert for extra laundry storage. Or, this sling-style backpack laundry bag is ideal for toting clothes and detergent between dorm rooms or across campus to the laundry room.

To get the best deals on these and other back-to-school products, be sure to shop the Target College Shop during their semi-annual Clearance event or wait for their Back to School sales. It’s also smart to sign up for a free Target RedCard, which saves shoppers 5% on their online and in-store purchases, every day. Plus, college students can save 20% with their email address when they join Target Circle and verify their student status.